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Brązowo złocisty 76 New York City

PostNapisane: 31 sty 2018, o 08:53
przez Kozak125p
Jak pszlecal
Czesc mam na imme Hubert. Nie pisze za dobze po polsku ale czytam dobze to pzepraszam z gury. Ja na pisze po Angielsku.

Hi my name is Hubert k. I was Born in Mielec Poland. As a Child i moved to the United States , New York City. I have lived here all my life and travel to poland every couple of years to visit my family. Whenever i would travel to poland my Grandfather would drive me and my family allover town in our 1976 brązowo złocisty 125p. The car has been in our family since since brand new. 2 years ago my grandfather told me the the car is mine and so it was time for it to make the journey to New York City. i work on the car when i have time and have many big plans for it as the years pass. it has the original 1500cc motor with 7000km. The gearbox is from the polonez 5 speed. With time i will paint the car do some nice audio and Air Ride. I love my polski fiat.